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Website Design / Programming  

The core objectives for all websites that we are tasked to create are based in the fact that a website presentation provides a specific opportunity and to be successful, must fully embrace the fact that great design is defined by form following function. All too often website designers loose themselves in the attitude that including Flash effects and dynamic animation will win the hearts and minds of the user. We disagree and work to create website experiences that include effective "look and feel" without sacrifice to legibility or the objective to present information, images and opportunities that effectively and efficiently serve the needs of both user and clients.


Website Design and Programming

Search Engine Optimization

Integration of Social Media

Media / Photo Galleries

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Graphic Design  

Developing any form of marketing material or presentation without the guidance and expertise of a professional graphic designer, most often if not always results in a significant loss of opportunity to realize a reputation for excellence that all commercial organizations and products require to succeed. "Design" that functions to provide real utility as well as identity for it's owner is not only good business, it has become big business. Remarkably, a vast majority of all organization regard professional design and strategic marketing material as an expense and not a category of investment that will result in invaluable and remarkable returns.


We provide any organization, large and small, the opportunity to cost effectively include strategic graphic design into their business model. Through careful consideration of client goals, budget and audience values, we translate meaningful and significant ideas into appropriate and powerful visual communication- increasing value and supporting the brand promise of clients.


Sales Literature

Product Catalogs

Collateral Systems

Annual Reports

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Trade Show Displays

Posters & Banners

Point of Purchase

Advertising Design

Creating an effective ad or ad campaign begins with a clear understanding of where the "offering" from our client is positioned within the realm of choices being presented to their audience. From this departure point, we work, invent and design whatever is required to realize a significant visual presentation that is easily understood and significant to the greater goal of cultivating a best-in-class reputation for the clients brand.


We understand that you are dedicated and making every effort to provide service, goods and opportunities to your audience that meets or exceeds the competition. Our expertise resides in creating a voice, attitude and understanding that you stand by your commitment to excellence.


Press & Newsprint

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Logo | Branding

No other marketing devise is so vital to the success of an organization as their trademark identity. Consciously, we all depend on visual evidence to assist/provoke us to recognize, understand, trust and ultimately make choices based on looks, feel and visual perceptions. For any organization, this divisive opportunity to communicate a unique and significant symbol for their target audience is an essential component to successful branding and marketing.


The Hazlegrove | Agency understands this and has worked with clients over the past twenty years to articulate and implement trademark-brand identities that strategically work to create and sustain business growth and customer loyalty.


Product / Services / Event Logos

Branding & Brand Identity

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Product / Service Naming

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